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Do you have a hard time concentrating? Do you feel tired a lot? Maybe you have a dull headache or your brain feels ‘cloudy’ a lot.

This is known as brain fog.

It happens when we have periods of intermittent or ongoing times where we have a lag in firing in the brain, and it’s like the wires in your brain aren’t connecting. With brain fog, you might have headaches, blurry vision, memory problems, and mental fatigue.

Some of the most common causes of brain fog are dehydration,  lack of sleep, a sedentary lifestyle, stress / depression, food sensitivities, gut problems, and/or toxin overload.

But are you wondering why this is happening to you?

Let’s look at several reasons why.

Ineffective drainage pathways may be causing your brain fog.

I want you to imagine a funnel that has our cells on top down to tissues & organs, the Lymphatic system, liver & bile ducts, and colon.  As we know with a funnel if the bottom is clogged up none of the other things are going to be able to get out. It has no way to drain whatever you put in it and so in our day-to-day lives, we come in contact with a lot of different things that our body needs to drain and eventually discard toxins, hormones, and other byproducts that we consume in our foods. So this drainage pathway is important for overall health. But let’s talk about when it’s clogged up and let’s start at the bottom.

When the colon is backed up and not draining properly, everything else is going to back up.

If you are not releasing your built-up toxicity via the bowels then none of this is going to work properly!

Liver and Bile ducts this is another drainage pathway that leads to the colon that is catching a lot of other things above it.

The lymphatic system is key in this drainage funnel as well.  Hydration may be part of the whole reason why you’re having this brain fog that goes along with an ineffective lymphatic system.

If you don’t have the proper amount of hydration and mineral balance,

you’re not going to have movement in that lymphatic system.

Your brain has it’s own lymphatic system called the glymphatic system and if it cannot drain properly it overflows and causes brain fog.  This is typically a result of backup from the colon/liver.

The first step in getting to the root cause of what’s going on with your brain fog is addressing this drainage pathway and system, as this is going to affect everything else.

The way that you go about this is in a systematic approach so that everything works properly. Once you open up the drainage pathways and systems, the colon and the liver then you can do things to support the lymphatic system then when you can begin to pull these toxins that are deeply rooted in the organs and tissue and they can drain properly.

At the very minute level,  you’re going to begin to work on mitochondrial function and cellular function as a byproduct of that but it has to be done in a stepwise approach, looking at all other parts of the drainage funnel!

I address this issue and explain a few of the root issues that may be contributing to it in the video below!

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