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Do you find yourself on edge most days?

Like everything gets on your nerves? This is very common but NOT normal, no matter what your circumstances are. There are emotional roots to this but also physical roots as well. 

A lot of women are not overtly saying they get irritated and oftentimes if asked would blame all the circumstances but the sheer fact of the matter is our circumstances shouldn’t dictate if we are irritated. Even by the little things – this can be a sign of a deeper rooted issue.

There are physical things that might be going on that really are more of the root of your irritability. We all have different things going on in our life that are just a lot but we should not have this hairline trigger every single day  to where any little thing pushes us over the edge.

There are 2 specific issues in the body that when imbalanced can make a huge difference when you think about irritability and other things that might be going on.

1. Mineral Imbalance

Minerals are important overall in your body because they are kicking off all of the reactions that happen that take place. Enzymes start processes in the body but minerals fuel those enzymes, and so when we start to see deficiencies and imbalances we see these processes start to be altered.

It’s very common for our minerals to be off especially as women because we are sensitive to stress and stress causes imbalances in our minerals very quickly they get used up quickly especially when we are under stress.

2. Metabolism

Metabolism is something you’ve heard but you probably thought “I need to increase my metabolism so I can lose/maintain a healthy weight”

You might have thought of metabolism in a way that it’s higher whenever you’re younger and it gets slower with age and you’re kind of just doomed as you age, you’re going to have to eat less or work out more etc to improve your metabolism or to keep it going.

Metabolism is the sum of every single cell processes in our body. Things like digestive, immune, detox, our menstrual cycle, thyroid stress hormones, the ability to grow strong healthy hair and nails. It’s more so than just a weight loss tool that we’ve kind condensed it down to, it’s really our greatest tool for assessing our overall health.

I believe most of the time when we feel irritable it’s because our metabolism is not imbalanced and oftentimes when we’re on this health journey and we have these different symptoms,  irritability might not be one that you would relate to your physical health. Even things like we can’t lose weight or we feel tired all the time, oftentimes we get trapped in spheres of health like hormone, thyroid, gut health or autoimmune issues- but it’s more than just one area!


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Wellness really can’t be reduced to targeting just one area of health and sometimes it gets reduced down and we stay stuck in these areas and don’t ever address the real root cause and get frustrated.

Sometimes these symptoms need to be part of our healing and we don’t need to put Band-Aids on them. We need to seek to see what and why they are trying to tell us that.

Here are the symptoms of metabolism imbalance,

  • Irritability
  • Infertility
  • Low Libido
  • Waking up during the night
  • Inability to fall asleep at night
  • Excessive thirst and urination
  • Not having regular bowel movements
  • Not a morning person
  • PMS symptoms
  • Low pulse fatigue
  • Thin lips and thin eyebrows

These can all be symptoms of metabolism imbalance and when our metabolism is off, it has effects of stress on our body and there are places that we can focus on that will help improve our metabolism. When we get the whole big picture that this is all connected and that’s really what I love to do is help people see the bigger picture.

Irritability can really manifest into being busy all the time and that starts to get better, your body is warm, your extremities don’t get cold as easily, your pulse is strong, your hair and nails are strong. You’re just content more like they have a calmer stress response you don’t get overwhelmed as easily.

Thriving metabolism looks like:

  • Waking up easily in the morning and it doesn’t take you an hour to get going
  • Having enough energy throughout the day
  • Regular bowel movements every day
  • Sleeping through the night
  • Keeping your weight at a healthy place
  • Little hormonal symptoms around your cycle or typical menopausal symptoms
  • Anxiety and depression

Tips on Mineral Imbalance and Metabolism

  • Eating breakfast within 30 minutes of waking (Start with eating a healthy protein fat and carbohydrate within 30 to 60 minutes of waking)
  • Exercise smarter, not harder (Focus on strength training about 20 to 30 minutes, two to three times a week)
  • Prioritize Saturated fats over puffs or Polyunsaturated fats
  • Eat real food and less of the processed foods
  • Use sea salt instead of table salt (Salt your food or put a pinch in your water will be a great way to start to balance the sodium levels)

I hope this was helpful in getting to the root cause of why you feel so irritated every day because I know sometimes we try and try so hard not to be irritated, but it’s just still there!

I address this issue and explain a few of the root issues that may be contributing to it in the video below.

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