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Sustainability. I’ve been thinking a lot about this over the last few weeks and months. When all this hit it threw so many for a huge loop in a lot of different ways. One in particular that I cannot seem to get off my mind – financially. ?

It’s been on my heart for a little while to write this but in some ways, I felt guilty. Because when all this hit my business never skipped a beat, it’s actually grown. But then I realized why wouldn’t I share when it might just be exactly what someone is praying for. ??

God has been moving within me on this topic because for so long it was something I kept to myself – for a variety of reasons. But the gratitude and conviction I have for this work coupled with the consistency and sustainability I’ve seen play out over the last 7 years – it’s something that I cannot believe I almost passed on- simply because of my preconceived notions. My life would look a lot different on many levels. 

Open up your heart and mind to what could be. Getting out of our own way to open up to the possibility is the first step of “the unmaking “. It’s so beautiful to watch, I can’t wait to see what God is up to ?

It’s funny how we completely write something off because we don’t think it’s not for us. That’s what I *almost* did 7 years ago? I had just invested in my first little collection of essential oils and was happy as a clam! It was JUST what I had been looking for on many levels. That’s when I started to have this strange feeling that there was more. But I was super resistant. It was outside of my comfort zone, like WAY outside? I didn’t really need extra money, I just wanted to share what I knew had worked for us. Just like I’d shared countless recipes, workouts, and “where did you get that shirt” in the past. I was overthinking it, like why would I NOT do this? The list was short and it was all centered around fear:) And I’m not about being chained to that??‍♀️

I wonder how many of us would be open to ideas if we didn’t write them off simply because of something we’d heard or a preconceived notion? I’m excited to dive into this a little deeper on Wednesday (at noon) when I talk about the opportunity that lies within doTERRA. There are many actually: to have different options for your health, to take care of your family in a different way – thus impacting generations to come, and then there is financial- the business opportunity. 

Did you know that this next phase in doTERRA is projected to be big, way bigger than the first? I’ve already seen this playing out- our team’s volume more than doubled last month from the previous. I prayed that there would be a wakeup call on many levels and I am seeing that unfold. Questioning things right now is something lots of people are doing- their health is one of them and finances being another.  I’m here to be real- ya’ll know I don’t like to sugar coat anything! I’m also not one to pressure, so any questions will be answered honestly and if it’s not for you – that’s totally a-okay! The blessings have been abundant for me, there’s no way I can not share that?


God knew I needed this product before I did. doTERRA means “gift of the earth.” and that it was for me. I’d been searching for them for about a year or more. I didn’t know that’s what I was searching for at the time, but it definitely was.  I knew right away when I brought my first little collection of oils in that this was exactly what I’d been looking for. 

You don’t realize how that one decision ends up being one of the most pivotal decisions of your life. 

So I 100% got into doterra for the product and continue to stay here for that. I knew I’d be purchasing these for the rest of my life, there was no question.  It was like healthy food and movement- it was a pillar of my health that wasn’t going anywhere. 

Purity is a huge reason why all of this just works so well. I continue to be blown away by the integrity and commitment of this company to purity- at all costs. They pursue what’s pure in every aspect of the word and their transparency is unmatched. You can learn more about that here at Source to you. 

There is true abundance on both sides of the bottle. Healing hands, co impact sourcing  I promise if you go digging to poke holes in any of these areas, you won’t have much luck. They are truly doing it the right way, which in this industry has never been done. I encourage you to do your own research, I hope this can be a resource to help you with that. 

I saw this product as one that I would continue to use and would make a big impact on my own life. I began to see that the therapeutic properties of the oils were actually taking me back to my pharmacy roots – natural medicine. And as I looked around the pharmacy, the more I began to learn about essential oils, I was confident that about 95% of medications would no longer be needed if we actually looked to the root of the cause and aided the body in healing from that place. Exactly what these products do. That is when I knew why God had put them into my life not only for our families, but thousands more, and I was the messenger for that. There were people out there waiting on me to get Over myself and share and educate- without fear of what others might think. Easier said than done right!? 

But I kept on learning more and realized there was no stone left unturned. From quality purity to research, studies, and partnerships to further this mission. It was all solid.

Why right now?? The most obvious draw is that people are asking questions they haven’t before. How they can be more prepared and more secure. But also more than ever before, people are more interested in their own personal health.


Let’s take a quick detour and talk about the company positioning for a sec: How positioned is doTERRA? They are a debt-free privately owned billion-dollar company

That means that they aren’t bought. They are able to make decisions that are their own. They aren’t having to satisfy anyone on wall street. They are the largest and most pure essential oil company in the world and the biggest direct sales company in the US with over 8 million customers. Of those 8 million, 80% are currently customers.  it is a product-led company,  which is so key in sustainability over time. 

See I didn’t know that I needed this piece. I was a pharmacist making a good income, sure I had some student loan debt (about 120k at the time) but other than that not a whole lot of debt. But those things weight you down more than you realize. But God knew… I’d been with doTERRA for about 2.5 years when we really buckled down and paid off all of those student loans in about 18 months. Talk about a great feeling when we made that last payment! I didn’t think those would be gone for YEARS!  I went on to leave my pharmacy job once those student loans were paid off because I had built up enough to cover my salary.  This is the work He wants me doing, I’ve been shown that time and time again, even though it’s not always easy. To say that doTERRA has blessed my family financially would be an understatement. It has changed So much for us and I continue to be amazed when I look ahead and when I look back at all that has happened. 4 years ago when I left my full-time job, that year alone my earnings from doTERRA increased over 400%- and I wasn’t making “nothing” to start with. WOW, where else are you going to see that? My hard work and consistency were for sure paying off way more than I ever imagined.  It makes me think of the verse  “Wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but whoever gathers little by little will increase it. “Proverbs 13:11 
So why now? Many are looking a different way in their health and in their finances. Residual income is powerful in so many ways- see video below. And it’s good to have a plan, just in case you cannot leave your home….:) 

Most companies want you to make more money quickly because they know you’re going to hop on to something else. 

The deeper your roots grow the more you earn. doTERRA has the highest retention rate in the industry at about 67%. Which means more people continue to order month after month, year after year. 

There is no cap, no limit. Anywhere from a couple hundred a month to thousands and thousands a month. Click here for the doTERRA 2018 earnings and disclosure. 


The way you earn is by helping others. There is no competition with other Wellness advocates because when you help them it helps you. It’s a brilliant model that way. There are several ways you get paid and I won’t go into that now. I can talk about that on another call if that is helpful or one on one. The compensation plan is the best by far in this industry.  I posted this video below on the 5 ways we get paid in doTERRA. 


Your journey doesn’t have to look like mine, you don’t have to have a goal of replacing your income, you can simply have a need for a little extra money or to supplement your income. I don’t know many that wouldn’t love that. When we are financially free, that is when we can truly start making a big change in this world. It’s not about gaining wealth and hoarding it or going to prop your feet up. Oh no, it’s about making an even bigger impact. 



doTERRA attracts is THE best people, hands down! That integrity starts from the top and goes down. I have yet to find only a handful of people in 7.5 years that weren’t top-notch in this company, they get weeded out pretty quickly because light will drown out the darkness. That’s just what happens. 


The community of people that I’ve met through doTERRA and continue to have the privilege of being surrounded by are unmatched. I felt like I hit the jackpot in so many ways when doTERRA came into my life. But the community was probably my favorite. I didn’t know how much I needed these people in my life- in many ways. When I look around and think about how many of my very good friends I wouldn’t know- it just makes me even more thankful that I said yes so long ago, and kept on following the bread crumbs. 


It brings to mind this verse: “Perseverance must finish it’s work so that you may be mature and complete lacking nothing “James 1:4. I know God brought this into my life for this reason and the people he’s surrounded me with keep pushing me to ‘finish the work” in such a genuine and loving way. 


This brings up another question- Why is it sold through the direct sales /MLM (multi-level marketing) model? 

I know this is a barrier for a lot of people because most people have a story or preconceived idea, I too struggled with this.

It’s hasn’t ever been that hard for me to tell when a  product isn’t solving anything or when the quality isn’t there. Or maybe it worked but I could also go by and elsewhere– I didn’t technically need anyone to help me with it. The product has to actually work! 

doTERRA would not impact the number of people that it has thus far or have the capability to in the future it weren’t for this model.  There was no other way for this to work so brilliantly. Person to person sharing, educating, and coming alongside in the journey- it’s the only way.  Bottom line: you have to care more about change than what everyone is saying.

What others are saying

h gosh – where do I begin??? DoTERRA has been such a blessing. I’ve been able to send my kids to an amazing private school, quit my job, bring my husband home for two years and travel the country with some amazing friends!!! I make 3x what I was making when I worked for someone else. You can’t beat it! -Jessica

What others are saying

My biggest blessing has been new friendships I have developed. Some people I probably never would have met outside of this business. Others I knew, but have forged a deeper bond with them because of dōTERRA! I am so grateful for all the people God has placed in my life through dōTERRA! -Darya

What others are saying

Sooo many ways! I used to take 10K of Vit D every day and still hurt (I have a deficiency). My levels were all over the place. My emotional health was also all over due to some imbalances from other autoimmune illnesses. Since taking LLV for a year, Womens Bone Nutrients, and the Adaptiv, my overall health has improved ten fold! On top of that, I have seen how OnGuard worked on colds that otc meds didn’t touch. I could go on and on, but these products have proven to me their worth and I am a lifelong advocate now. -Jessica

What others are saying

It’s given us the extra income we needed when my husband’s hours were cut…I was also able to pay off my student loan debt & car when it would’ve taken me so much longer.
I too was going to say the ability to meet new people, especially moving to a new state. -Jeanine

What others are saying

It’s reconnected me to old friends and helped me make so many new ones! It’s helped me overcome so many of my mental blocks and insecurities about myself, my self worth, and what I can offer the world. It has allowed me to pay for my oils and supplements each month without dipping into our main income. It’s given me purpose and led me to the path I’m on now to become an Integrative Health Coach (and is helping to pay for that education. -Kati

So, what now?

Start as a customer and begin learning. Let them work within your home. There is nothing more powerful than your own personal experiences and “wins”.

If you would like to pursue this business. you need to have a season where you are teaching weekly for about 3 months. That is the best way to lay a strong foundation. Don’t worry, you will have EVERYTHING you need to do this. You don’t even need to know a thing about essential oils. You will learn in the process! Myself (or whoever helps you) will be there with you every step of the way!

None of the people that have been successful in this are any different than you.

From my experience, those who do very well have a couple traits in common. Resourcefulness,  commitment, a passion for change, building community, realizes that nature knows way more than “the lab”.

Open your mind and your heart to what could be. I can’t wait to see what God is up to!

Ready to start?

It all begins by purchasing a starter kit of oils. Connect with the person that’s been sharing with you or if that’s me, click below …

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