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Are you ready to learn about your new favorite drink? 

It’s called the adrenal cocktail! This drink is a food-based mineral supplement that replenishes much of what the effects of stress deplete from our bodies and take away from the adrenal glands.

In the video below I break down the components of an adrenal cocktail, how you make it, and when to drink it.

3 main components

There are 3 basic components to the adrenal cocktail:

 1. Whole food Vitamin C

(in the form of orange juice) – why? because:

  • it contains an enzyme called tyrosinase that stimulates the liver to produce ceruloplasmin- which regulates copper in the body. 
  • it has a pivotal role in activating enzymes essential to collagen production, a key structural protein in blood vessels, skins, and other tissues.
  • it is required for the activation of neurotransmitters and carnitine for energy production. 
  • as it broad spectrum of antioxidant functions, it protects the cell structures from free radicles.
  • in essence, Vit. C is essential for adrenal stress hormones in times of adaption, a cofactor to epinephrine, as well as easily depleted under chronic stress. Adrenals store 80-95 percent of the whole food vitamin c- it’s used to adrenaline noradrenaline. Without it, we are less resilient to stress.

 2. Sodium (salt)

  • We lose sodium rapidly: more stress= more sodium we lose from the cell, which causes our cells to dump potassium. The balance of sodium and potassium significantly affects the symptoms experienced by people with adrenal fatigue.
  • Sodium supports many functions in the body: cellular electrolyte balance, important for your nerves and muscles, and 85% of it is found in your lymph.
  • It also helps with Mg absorption: The sodium to magnesium ratio is 5:1 , so lots of people are magnesium happy right now but their sodium is tanked. When you flip a ratio it creates cell confusion and stress on the system. 
  • Sodium improves inulin sensitivity. Less sodium in the system means more STRESS in the system – causing aldosterone and adrenaline to rise along with BP.

 3. Potassium

  • It’s an important electrolyte: Of the electrolytes, potassium has the highest concentration in the cells. Like sodium, potassium levels are maintained by aldosterone. When too much salt or fluid is pulled from the interstitial fluids, the small amount of sodium in the cells begins to migrate out of the cells.
  • Dehydration: As the sodium is pulled from the cell, water follows the sodium. This leaves the cell dehydrated as well as sodium deficient.
  • Ratios are important: In order to keep the sodium/potassium ratio inside the cell constant, potassium then begins to migrate out in small quantities. This creates even more electrolyte imbalance, leading to decreased adrenal function.

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How do you make it? 

Here are a few options for you to try!

1. Salt – You always want to add salt to this cocktail. Crucial four is my favorite, followed by Celtic sea salt.  Adding 1/4 tsp of salt will equal roughly 500mg of sodium. 

2. Whole food Vitamin C – 

  • The typical option would be 4 oz of orange juice Pulp-free organic is preferred without any added vitamins or calcium (you can also use fresh squeezed). 
  • additional options would be other types of fruit juices or half a squeezed lemon or lime if you don’t do well with the added sugars from juice. 

3. Potassium source.

Choose from one of the following:

  • Coconut water rougly 4 oz= 400mg potassium
  • Bumbleroot powder (my favorite, use code KCPHARMD to save 10%) as it contains much more potassium than coconut water.  use 1 1/2 tbs=960mg of potassium
  • Aloe juice ( 4 oz has 470mg) 
  • cream of tartar: 1/4 tsp= 120mg potassium
  • **FYI the daily rec. amount is 3700-4700mg

 optional add in

  • A protein source
    • this helps balance the effects of the extra glucose in the OJ. options are:
      • Raw milk-  it’s loaded with retinol!  Retinol(the active form of Vitamin A) balances/moves copper. When copper isn’t balanced you get adrenal dysfunction. It’s also loaded with k2 which is great for calcium regulation. Add in 1/4 cup. PS: to find raw milk in your area click here
      • Collagen- great for repairing the gut and improving digestion.  Add in 1 scoop. My fav brand is further foods (use code KCPHARM to save 15%)
      • choose one of the above to add in to your cocktail! 

When to have it:

Ideally, 1-2 times per day, and the best times are  10 am and 2pm. (more explanation on why these times in the video above!)

In general, it’s best to consiume 1 hour before or 1 hour after a meal.

Check out a quick how to video below!

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