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So many issues that I see with clients are simply drainage issues. Knowing how key daily detox is to your body and when it’s impaired the things that can result- it only makes sense that we need to be supporting daily detox . 


You cannot remove toxins effectively if your drainage pathways aren’t open. This drainage funnel simply shows how the body’s detox funnel works. The top of the funnel drains all the way down to the colon where toxina dnd waste products are removed dail. 



When levels of this funnel are clogged, everything backs up above it. If you can’t properly eliminate toxins and waste from your body, you will see signs of that via symptoms. 


It’s important to assess where we need support in this drainage funnel. I’ve provided some questions that will serve as a guide on where you need more support added in.

Pro tips:

  • always start with the colon first! 
  • everyone needs to start here regardless of their diagnosis, challenge, or symptoms. 
  • it’s tempting to jump into a deeper detox (parasites, mold, metals, Lyme, etc) but just know that if you stir up these things and they can’t get out, they will simply recirculate and cause MORE issues!

Detox drainage pathways are crucial not only for daily detox but definitely if you are struggling with underlying toxicities or infections and trying to take it to a deeper level! 

Check out the graphics for some specific ideas on how to support various detox pathways. 


Keep in mind: nutrition is foundational and cannot be overlooked in detox. We need the proper micro and macro nutrients to ensure our body is working properly and able to have the energy to detox. 


This is why I start with an HTMA to assess where mineral imbalances lie to ensure the body has what it needs to properly detox from a cellular level. 

Do you struggle to have the energy you need to do all God has called you to each day?   Check out the free PDF resource I put together with 3 steps to support daily detox for better energy that actually gets to the root of the issue when it comes to fatigue!

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