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Staying Happy and Healthy During Pregnancy

As I am nearing the end of my pregnancy, I wanted to give some helpful tips on how to manage those symptoms that sometimes arise during this special time:)

There is not some scientific formula for having a great pregnancy. It’s pretty simple actually, take care of your body and it will take care of you. You have to put good things in to get good things out. I know that some women just seem to have an easier time while pregnant, and some of it is genetic I realize. But there are always things you can do to lessen these effects or prevent them altogether.

My tips:

Keep moving: I know this seems to be a recurring theme…but there is no way around it! If you were exercising prior to becoming pregnant, you are safe to continue (within reason) what you were doing before. If you did not exercise much, you really need to take it easy and ease into working out a little and staying active. I know this is probably the last thing you want to do when you are tired and just want to eat everything in sight, but it is crucial to maintain circulation and keep those aches and pains at bay. Not to mention it makes bouncing back after pregnancy SO much easier and quicker. I know that personally if I do not exercise and keep moving on a daily basis I feel so much worse. It’s like your body just freezes up and it makes everything hurt a little more. Even if it’s just a short walk or a 10-minute yoga video; just keep moving!

Eat Well

(or as well as you can:): again with the broken record right!? Well, sorry!:) I must admit, since switching to a mostly fresh food/very little processed food diet I do not crave things that often. Now there is a time and a place to satisfy your cravings..but it’s kind of like picking your battles with your kids. If you know it’s a craving that must be satisfied or else…then go get whatever you need and take care of it right then! If not, you will probably end up eating more of something else than you would have of the food you wanted in the first place! I always found if I kept small healthy snacks with me and ate every 2-3 hours and never allowed myself to get so hungry it always worked much better:)

Essential Oils:

I used my trusty oils for almost any little ailment that popped up. Not only are there not many choices for medications to take during pregnancy, I feel it’s more important than ever to stay away from them if you can. Below are some of the more common ailments that arise during pregnancy and a list of oils you can use

  • nausea: lemon, peppermint, digestzen, ginger–> just simply the smell of peppermint or lemon helped me most of all. I sometimes put digestion and or ginger on my stomach and this helped a lot as well.
  • stretch marks: immortelle–> I love this oil blend as I use it on my face all the time but it really comes in handy to prevent those stretch marks that often come up. I like to put some on my belly then take lotion and rub it all over
  • heartburn: peppermint, lemon–> peppermint always did the trick for me. I have had a good bit more heartburn this time around so I’ve been using this a lot!
  • constipation: digestzen, cardamom–> I struggled pretty bad with this early on. I found cardamom worked the best for me. I also always make sure I am taking a high quality (at least 30 billion) probiotic daily and it helps tremendously. I started incorporating fermented veggies, keifer, and kombucha into my daily routine and this has helped so much as well:)
  • back pain: deep blue–> it has been my savior! I’ve had a lot more back pain this time around and deep blue has helped me so much. Exercise is the key to keeping back pain at bay, at least for me:)
  • nosebleeds: heilechrysm, lavender–> my allergies have been worse while pregnant, so that is what has brought on the couple of nosebleeds I experienced. I put a drop of helichrysm on the bridge of my nose and it stopped it super fast!
  • tiredness/energy: life long vitality pack–> this is the key for me to keep up with my ever demanding schedule!
  • difficulty sleeping: serenity, balance, cedarwood, vetiver–> there are so many options for sleep when it comes to oils but i love using serenity and balance with either cedarwood or vetiver. Trying to get all the zzzz I can!

A few other symptoms that may come up for others:

  • swelling in legs or feet: aroma touch blend–>you can massage a few drops in with some lotion to lower legs and feet
  • varicose veins: cypress, lavender, any citrus oil–> massage any of these into problem area with lotion/coconut oil
  • hot flashes: peppermint
  • headaches: past tense blend, peppermint, lavender–> put any of these on temples and back of the neck

I hope this helps you during this very special time in your life! Kari


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