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Making sure we are on top of sanitization is a big topic right now. Lysol wipes and Clorox are flying off the shelf and are a hot commodity. What if I told you you didn’t have to bring chemicals in your home to truly keep it clean, would you believe me?! Not only is it true, but it’s super easy and inexpensive too! Check out my “spray everything spray”  recipe below. You can literally replace almost all cleaners with this one, at least to start with!!

The Recipe

1️⃣2 TBS On Guard concentrate
2️⃣15 drops On Guard essential oil
3️⃣Fill the rest with hydrogen peroxide or water or alcohol. 
Have fun spraying away friends!

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PS: if you don’t have any On Guard concentrate or can not get it right now, put 2 tbs of Castile soap.

PPS: Here is a link to the doTERRA fine mist sprayer, if it’s still out of stock here is one on amazon

PPPS: For more on green cleaning, see this post!


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