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We are thrilled to kick off our Healing Summer series. As we dive into this season, we’re eager to explore different topics that resonate with the unique rhythms of summer. Whether you’re a parent juggling the end of the school year or just someone looking forward to the warmth and freedom that summer brings, this series is for you.

The Joy and Challenge of Summer

I have to admit, summer hasn’t always been my favorite season, especially when my kids were younger. The lack of routine can be overwhelming. But as they grow, and as I grow, I find myself looking forward to this time more and more. It’s a season for sanctification, for personal growth, and for finding joy in new ways.

The Importance of Rest

To start our series, we want to focus on rest. Summer often brings a more relaxed pace, even if you’re still working and managing a busy household. This season can be an invitation to slow down mentally and emotionally, even if our physical activities ramp up. We need to be intentional about rest, not just physical rest, but also mental, emotional, and spiritual rest.

Types of Rest

Rest isn’t one-dimensional. It includes:

  • Physical Rest: Allowing our bodies to recover.
  • Mental Rest: Giving our minds a break from constant information intake.
  • Emotional Rest: Taking time to process and heal emotionally.
  • Social Rest: Stepping back from social obligations when needed.
  • Creative Rest: Refreshing our creative energies.
  • Spiritual Rest: Spending quiet time with God, away from daily distractions.

Intentional Rest

Slowing down requires intention. We often fill our summers with camps, activities, and trips. While these are fun and enriching, we must also ask ourselves, “Do we need this, or do we need rest?” Our kids, just like us, need downtime to recover from the social, academic, and mental demands of the school year. Even if work continues through the summer, finding pockets of rest is crucial.

Personal Reflection and Rest

Jen and I live in different parts of the country—I’m in Georgia, where it’s warm year-round, and Jen’s in Ohio, where summer is a precious, short-lived season. Regardless of where you are, summer is a perfect time to reflect and seek what God is calling you to do. It might be different from what you’ve done in the past. It might involve more solitude or more family time. The key is to listen to what you need for genuine rest and renewal.

Practical Steps for Rest

Here are some practical ways to incorporate rest into your summer:

  1. Take a Social Media Break: Delete the app for a week and see how it feels.
  2. Plan a Retreat: Even a day or weekend away can provide significant mental and spiritual refreshment.
  3. Engage in Spiritual Practices: Dedicate time to delve into a specific part of the Bible or deepen your prayer life.
  4. Simplify Your Schedule: Resist the urge to fill every moment with activities. Embrace downtime.
  5. Connect with Nature: Spend time outdoors, whether hiking, camping, or simply enjoying a local park.

The Power of Retreats

Speaking of retreats, we are excited to announce our own upcoming retreat. We’ve experienced the profound impact of getting away to focus on all aspects of health—physical, emotional, spiritual—and we want to share that with you. Our retreat will be a small, intimate gathering at a beautiful lake cottage in Lake Erie. It’s a time to be poured into, to learn, to rest, and to connect with like-minded women.

As we move into summer, let’s be intentional about the way we rest. Consider what areas of your life need a break and how you can create space for genuine renewal. Remember, time will pass regardless, but how we choose to spend it can make all the difference in our well-being and our ability to serve those around us.

We hope this series encourages you to slow down, listen to God’s guidance, and embrace the rest that summer can offer. Stay tuned for more episodes, and we look forward to journeying through this season with you.

Join Us

If you’re interested in joining our retreat or learning more, please visit our website. We are here to answer any questions and help you determine if this is the right fit for you.

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