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In this episode, I’d like to introduce you to a new way of thinking and talk about how to really hydrate your body. A simple change to your regular routine could be something other than drinking plain water.


Let me just give you a quick rundown of how our bodies stay hydrated. What is the primary process by which our bodies become hydrated?


If we consume liquid, such as water, it must enter our cells in order to hydrate them. It should be intracellular rather than extracellular. The main way that happens is that we have electrolytes and various minerals.


The macromineral family contains two important members: Sodium and Potassium. These are essential for ensuring that the foods we eat and the beverages we drink actually hydrate our bodies


If we are deficient in these minerals and electrolytes, even if we chug all of this water, it will not get inside our cells and hydrate them efficiently.

That, I believe, is exactly what is happening to many people who believe they are doing great by drinking a gallon of water a day, their entire body weight in water a day. 

This is of course preferable to drinking soft drinks, but don’t you want that water to do something for you? Are you not drinking that much water to stay hydrated?

Adding a pinch of salt to it your water can help replenish those salt stores that many people are deficient in because their adrenals are working overtime.


When we are stressed and producing stress hormones, this often goes into overdrive, and we use a lot of our sodium and potassium stores as fuel. Many people, I’d say 90% of the people I test their hair. are deficient in both sodium and potassium. So replacing some of the sodium that our bodies use is never a bad idea.


Another factor is stomach acid production, which many people do not produce enough of and which manifests itself in a variety of ways that affect digestion.



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I’m sure you’ve heard of electrolyte powders and other similar products. Some may contain a lot of extra ingredients that are potentially harmful to your health. However, including some of these electrolytes, the most important of which are potassium and sodium is one way to stay hydrated.


Redmond Real Salt makes ReLyte, which I use,  and LMNT is another option that many people use to simply replenish electrolytes in their water.


I am frequently asked how many glasses of water we should put things in. If you’re just drinking plain water all day, you might want to start by adding a pinch of salt to two or three cups. iIf you’re drinking a lot of plain water and then want to start putting a bunch of stuff in, it can sometimes throw off your mineral balance a little too quickly. 


As with any change, I would recommend starting slowly to allow your body to absorb the nutrients, minerals, and electrolytes and gradually increasing your levels of sodium, potassium, and other minerals and such.


Coconut water is another option you could include in your drink rotation. It contains a good bit of potassium and will keep you hydrated better than plain water. 


I’m a big fan of adrenal cocktails.  The standard version of an adrenal cocktail is simply orange juice, coconut water, and a pinch of salt. Many people start out with one adrenal cocktail a day and then they move quickly to two.


Bumble root powder is a dried coconut powder that is excellent for hydration. You can simply add this to regular water or try adding it to sparkling water! It gives the impression that you’re drinking something special:) It’s an excellent way to consume a lot of potassium. It has roughly three times the potassium content of coconut water simply because it is more concentrated. They make various flavors. So, if you want to try some Bumbleroot powder, and if you do- use the code KCPHARMD to save 10% (*note: if bumbleroot isn’t available ( it’s a small company that does restocks once every few months), this is a great alternative. (code CHEERS for 5% off!)


I hear this all the time: “I just can’t get enough water in,” or “if I do get enough water in, I’m constantly in the bathroom.”

Well, this is a good indication that the hydration you’re consuming is simply passing through you, and it’s not really doing you much good—not as much good as you think it is anyway.


So I want you to prioritize quality hydration beverages over the quantity of those beverages you consume. I believe you’ll notice that even if you just add a pinch of salt to what you’re drinking or make an adrenal cocktail, you’ll notice you’re feeling better!


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