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In this episode, we’ll discuss why you should prioritize rest and whether you should join the baby grandma club!

First off, it doesn’t take someone who is super invested in their health to know that we need sleep. We need to prioritize sleep and rest and consider why that might be important. 

I don’t need to convince you of that, but I do want to give you some tips and hopefully encourage you to prioritize rest.  

So what is the baby grandma club, and why might you want to join it? Let’s talk about resting at night. The baby grandma club is simply going to bed a little bit earlier. The older I get, the more I know about sleep, and honestly, the more that I heal my body, the better my sleep has gotten and the earlier I want to go to sleep! #babygrandma

Let’s talk about bedtime, the time you go to bed and why that matters.

I talk to and work with a lot of people that are like, “I get my best sleep if I go to bed at 12 or 1 in the morning”. I don’t hear this a lot, but I definitely still have clients, and overhear other people talk about how they don’t go to bed until later, especially moms because they can get things done after their kids go to bed. I get it! 


But based on our circadian rhythm and the way our bodies reset at night, the hours between 10 and 2 are actually the most important for our health. 

During these times, we get a lot of sleep. Because if we go to bed between 10 and 10:30, we get a good restorative sleep by two, allowing our bodies to enter a deep rest before all of the detox processes begin. During these hours, our lungs, liver, kidneys, and immune system are all looking to regenerate and finish those detox processes that they can’t get through during the day. 



Do you struggle to have the energy you need to do all God has called you to each day?   Check out the free PDF resource I put together with 3 steps to support daily detox for better energy that actually gets to the root of the issue when it comes to fatigue!

All regenerative processes begin at night, so getting enough sleep is critical, but how many hours do you need? So the general answer is between seven and nine hours of sleep per night. But I will tell you that the more stressed you are, the more your body wants to heal and the more sleep you need.

If you’ve been stressed out for whatever reason, you should prioritise rest at night because your body will need extra rest to recover from all the stress that it’s under during the day.


When I work with clients who come to me to begin or continue their healing journey, it is possible that they require a deeper level of detoxification due to the presence of certain symptoms. We see on blood work that your body will not prioritize healing until it feels safe, until it feels like it is in a position to prioritize healing. So getting enough rest and restoration at night is essential. And I frequently see people attempting to function on six or barely seven hours of sleep. To be honest, that’s usually not enough, especially if you’re under a lot of stress or want to speed up your healing.


Thinking about hormones, they’re sort of the last on the train to be regenerated, restored, and balanced in the whole hierarchy that your body has, as if it’s in survival mode and you’re in a stressful situation, your body is going to circumvent all its energy to keep you alive, basically. So it’s not going to prioritize something like hormones or even digestive health.

If you truly want to work on some of these issues, you must recognize the importance of rest, particularly getting a good night’s sleep at night so that your organs can function, your body can regenerate, and everything can begin to return to normal.

 So, if you’re having trouble with this, perhaps by going to bed earlier, you might want to consider this really simple tip that you could start doing.

It’s free, and it’s really simple to do: just go outside in the morning. This will reset your circadian rhythm which can  greatly aid in getting to sleep at night. If you have trouble falling or staying asleep, simply going outside in the morning to expose your eyes to sunlight will alert your body to a variety of issues.

It encourages the body to produce more melatonin at night. Going outside in the morning, and getting outside again in the evening, if possible, will help your body adjust to the 24-hour circadian rhythm that everyone’s body has. Just being outside is amazing for our health, this one thing can really help us prioritize rest!

I’d also like to share with you something I like to do at night that helps me fall and stay asleep. Serenity essential oil blend is made up of essential oils such as lavender, vetiver and cedarwood. There are so many wonderful oils in there that can help our nervous systems relax and unwind. It also helps to clear your mind of any thoughts that may be circling. It’s extremely beneficial to simply drift off and and stay sleep.


Here are a few additional sleep hacks for you: 


  • Wear a sleep mask for complete darkness
  • Slow to wake up alarm clock
  • Eat a bedtime snack (especially if you wake in the middle of the night)
  • Take a bath before bed to wind down, 
  • Choose a book over TV
  • Wear blue light blockers
  • Use Serenity blend  in diffuser and apply to feet 
  • Exposing your eyes to first light in the morning to trigger melatonin production. 



Do you struggle to have the energy you need to do all God has called you to each day?   Check out the free PDF resource I put together with 3 steps to support daily detox for better energy that actually gets to the root of the issue when it comes to fatigue!

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