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In our journey towards optimal well-being, more and more individuals are embracing integrative health approaches. Integrative health has captured our attention and stirred our curiosity with its focus on treating the whole person and addressing underlying causes. 


As someone who has learned to value both the strengths of conventional medicine and the wisdom of integrative medicine, I have come to recognize some important areas where integrative health sometimes falls short. In this field, we find flaws, such as the lack of ongoing relationships, the need for personalized recommendations, and the crucial task of identifying root causes. 

By exploring these aspects with an open-minded perspective, we can refine our approach to integrative health and create a more balanced, effective, and individualized path to holistic well-being.

The Importance of Ongoing Relationships

As we embark on this holistic journey, it is important to remember the value of ongoing relationships between patients and their practitioners. Some holistic health coaches or practitioners may only book a specific time frame with their patients, missing the opportunity for continued support and guidance. 

This can be because some health coaches are hired to address one specific health problem, and the relationship tends to end once it gets resolved. 

Building Lasting Connections through follow-ups

This is where conventional medicine has one of its strengths, encouraging patient follow-ups and yearly exams.

This is vital to be sure any health problems haven’t resurfaced, or new ones haven’t appeared. When a health coach and their clients’ specific time frame ends, clients can hesitate to reach out again. They may consider their previous sessions as a lost cause and turn elsewhere. Or they are thinking of the money that may come along with getting in touch. 

I always try to encourage this open-ended relationship with my clients so that if a problem comes back or a new one arises, they can feel comfortable coming back to me and know it’s not a money-motivated relationship.

To truly address health concerns, nurturing a lasting relationship is essential. By maintaining regular follow-ups, we can monitor progress, make necessary adjustments, and explore new avenues for well-being. 

Let’s embrace the power of ongoing connections in the pursuit of our health.

Personalized Recommendations for Optimal Outcomes

It’s true what they say…one size does not fit all.

Integrative health encompasses a wide range of alternative therapies, supplements, and products that can support our well-being. 

However, it is vital to remember that each person is unique. 

One of the key pitfalls of integrative health lies in the tendency to overlook individual needs when making recommendations. It is not uncommon for coaches to suggest a supplement or product that has helped themselves or others, assuming it will work for everyone.

This especially happens when a holistic coach who has a large following makes a recommendation to their followers on social media as a whole and not on an individual-based recommendation. They can be sponsored by a specific brand that may be different from what is best for you.

This approach may lead individuals to spend unnecessary money on supplements, treatments, or gadgets that do not meet their specific requirements. Even worse, without a personalized treatment plan, it could lead to more harm than good. 

Importance of Labwork

Conventional medicine takes another win here by ordering a  wide range of personalized laboratory tests to make a customized treatment plan for its patients.

I find it hard to give a person a full assessment without running labs to rule out some possibilities and narrow down what may be the real problem.

By embracing personalized recommendations, based on thorough assessments and a deep understanding of an individual’s health history, we can enhance the effectiveness of integrative health approaches. 

Identifying Root Causes for Lasting Solutions

Getting to the root of some of our health issues can be pretty multi-faceted; it’s more than just adding a supplement to our routine or removing a certain food from our diets.

Yes, suggestions such as these may lead to a temporary fix and may seem like it’s the key to a healthier future.

However, without proper evaluation and ongoing follow-ups, there is a risk of missing the root cause altogether. This can result in temporary fixes that do not provide long-term relief or resolution.

As mentioned earlier, a short-term relationship with a client can result in a short-term fix. Ultimately this can cause a person more stress.

To achieve sustainable well-being, digging deep and exploring the root causes of health problems is essential. 

This requires a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s ongoing lifestyle, environment, and medical history.

By identifying and addressing the root causes, integrative health practitioners can develop more effective treatment plans that promote lasting solutions. 

Let’s go beyond the surface and uncover the true sources of our health concerns.

A Balanced Approach for Optimal Well-being

I am trying to promote a view where we don’t shun conventional medicine altogether. While integrative health has its merits, it is vital to acknowledge and address the areas where it may fall short.  As a holistic health coach with a background in conventional medicine, I believe in a balanced view that incorporates the best of both worlds. 

We can enhance the effectiveness of integrative health and promote long-term well-being. Let’s strive for holistic excellence by continuously improving our approaches and ensuring that each person receives the care they truly need.

Tune into my latest podcast episode to hear more about the importance of finding a balance between these two fields of medicine.

Hey there, I’m Kari!

As a Pharmacist and Integrative Health Practitioner, I get the privilege of working with women who are struggling with fatigue, poor sleep, painful cycles, digestive issues, and irritability- all of which have become their norm. And they are struggling just to keep up, simply wanting their health back.

I know what it’s like to feel frustrated and left with the same issues, even after spending time, energy & money thinking I’d found the answer.

With the right support, a proven method, and the Lord as our guide, let’s get your health back so you can run the race set before you with perseverance and joy.

So thankful you found your way here! 

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