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Could I have something wrong with my liver if all of my markers look good? Let’s dive into this topic! 

First off, it’s important to know what does the liver does for us. What are the processes that the liver handles? 

The liver is actually the largest internal organ in the human body.  It’s a digestive organ that sits at the upper right side of the belly. It’s always communicating with other digestive organs and receiving information on like available nutrients and the presence of threats like heavy metals or toxic substances.

The liver also:

  •  recognizes toxic substances and converts them into things that can be gotten rid of out of the body.
  • filters blood coming in from the digestive tract
  • produce bowels
  • properly digest our food and absorb it.
  •  breaks down and removes excess hormones
  • stores vitamins and minerals for when they’re need
  • manages the conversion of fats from your diet to making cholesterol 
  • takes carbohydrates you consume and turns them into glucose, which obviously is a form of energy that our body uses.


many times we get bloodwork done to see if anything is off. Often when you go to your conventional doctor they run the basic panel and say everything looks good. But yet you still don’t feel good…

The way someone in the conventional system would look at labs is just not always accurate, unless something is really wrong, they don’t catch it.

Sometimes there are other markers needed to get the full picture. This is a list of the lab markets that we look at to give us clues the liver needs support: 

  • low platelets
  • high BUN
  • low creatinine
  • low CO2
  • low protein
  • high globulin
  • low albumin
  • high or low AST/ALT
  • low cholesterol
  • high or low triglycerides
  • low HDL
  • high LDL
  • high non HDL
  • low Free T3, which signifies a thyroid conversion issue
  • low vitamin D ( below 25)
  • low or high GGT
  • low PH
  • high TBIC
  • high iron
  • high ferritin


What about physical signs/symptoms that might show up? Here is a list of common ones:


  • pain right around where the liver is which would kind of be in the upper right quadrant, like I mentioned, or even around your breast
  • mood swings, or if you just kind of have a short fuse
  • Chronic fatigue
  • skin rashes, itchy skin.
  • light colored or greasy/floating stools
  • Digestive issues ( can range anywhere from constipation to diarrhea)
  •  allergies
  • Dark circles under your eyes 
  • headaches or migraines 
  • PMS/hormonal symptoms


If you find that you have a lot of these symptoms you may be wondering what you can do to support your liver. 


One thing I do on a regular basis is use castoil packs! This is simply applying castor oil to some sort of pack or piece of cloth and then putting that pack over your liver. The ricinolic acid is the main active ingredient in castor oil. It can help to: 

  • Increase nutrients from food for our body to absorb them. It also does the same thing with supplements.
  • Break down bio films, which is something that are made by different pathogens in our body that keep them hidden.
  • Reduce overall systemic inflammation, which can really help our immune system work better.
  • Aid in shifting from a sympathetic to a parasympathetic response in our nervous system. 


I love castor oil packs!I think that they are something that can be easily incorporated into our daily routine. Learn more about castor oil packs in this blog post. Let me know if you try them and what your experience is!

Hey there, I’m Kari!

As a Pharmacist and Integrative Health Practitioner, I get the privilege of working with women who are struggling with fatigue, poor sleep, painful cycles, digestive issues, and irritability- all of which have become their norm. And they are struggling just to keep up, simply wanting their health back.

I know what it’s like to feel frustrated and left with the same issues, even after spending time, energy & money thinking I’d found the answer.

With the right support, a proven method, and the Lord as our guide, let’s get your health back so you can run the race set before you with perseverance and joy.

So thankful you found your way here! 

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