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Personal care products are one often overlooked area that really does have an impact on your overall health. Maybe even bigger than you could ever imagine. It’s not just one thing, it’s all the things- but these are products you use EVERY SINGLE DAY and so they matter greatly.  Let’s dig in a little deeper, shall we?

O V E R L O A D 

When toxins build up over time and overload the body, they gradually undermine your health and cause disease? Our bodes are wonderfully made, they adapt to whatever we throw at them pretty well. But over time, these things really start to add up.  It’s like a bucket that gets filled a little more each day and eventually it’s going to get full and spill over. This is where we start to see headache, fatigue, allergies, digestive issues, hormone imbalances and much more. 

Where do they all go?

Where do all these toxin’s go if they are stuck in our bodies? Like i said before, our body knows they are foreign and wants to keep them away from our vital organs so lots of times they are trapped in a fat cell and tucked away. Thus the reason for sometimes unexplained, unwanted weight gain. It makes it that much harder for our body to function and therefore stay at a healthy weight. 

In your journey to wellness, you may have tunnel vision… which likely has you chasing your tail.   Check out this free video training to help you see the bigger picture,  gain clarity, and finally move forward in your health!

Now what??

Number 1 bit of advice, it’s simple: be curious & ask better questions.

What’s actually in that product that I’ve been slathering allll over my skin?  Good question:) An awesome resource is the  EWG (Environmental working group) app.   You can simply download the app and scan away. It’s super easy and will give you a toxicity rating for your product. You will have a very clear picture of what you are dealing with, instead of trying to decipher those ingredients on the back yourself. A lower number is better. So if you have something that is a 9 or 10, you know it’s very toxic. If you have a product that’s 1-3 then you are doing good.  Scan those products then decide which are the most pressing and start there! The workshop packet will help you work through that. 

Areas to look at & links to my fav products!


When it comes to makeup, I like to ensure that it’s a cleaner product but more importantly, it doesn’t clog your pores! 

I like this foundation from Make beauty or Priia Cosmetics powder foundation. Priia also has a powder concealer or I also like this concealer as well. 

Honest Beauty Mascara

Facial care

I use clearstem for all things facial care. It’s the best! Use code KARICOODY to save 15%

I love norwex body cloths to get my eye make up off.  No extra product needed!


I love this spray deodorant ( it’s non pore clogging, too!)

Body lotion: I love the unscented body lotion and I add essential oils to it. For a thicker lotion, I prefer the body butter.

Shaving cream: I love using this conditioner. One less product to buy!


Shampoo and conditioner bars have changed my hair so much!

and I also love this serum after I wash to tame frizz and protect from heat.

DIY shampoo is life, just saying:)


My fav toothpaste for the past 7 years!

And this mouthwash is awesome too.


Tips for the budget-conscious:

    • Try to replace two products with one. For instance, conditioner or shampoo can be a replacement for shave gel. 
    • What can you just ditch altogether- ahem…perfume:) 
    • Just be mindful of how much you use. Some more natural products you will not have to use as much of. Maybe they are more concentrated, you have to take that into consideration. 
    • Simplifying your personal care routine is something I’m a big fan of. For ease, time, and $ sake. 

Final thoughts

  • No need to replace them all at once, as you run out of a product, simply look to replace it with a less toxic option. As we’ve talked about here today, it’s not just one thing that will contribute to your toxic load- it’s many little things.
  • Take it month by month analyzing what is your top concern. 
  • Pick one new habit each month to add and keep it up over time, minimizing bad habits. 
  • Baby steps, don’t try to change all of your habits at once 1

You’ve got this friend!  Your future self thanks you:)


PS: if you need help with any doTERRA products from above, you can email me kari@karicoody.comor visit this page !


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