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Swapping over to natural cleaners is often one of the first and easiest transitions to make. I find it’s so important to not only help the body detox better but look to see where we can eliminate toxins from our lives so that we don’t have as much to detox from!


There are two types of people when it comes to cleaning- the ‘pre-made’ and the ‘ do-it-yourself’. No matter which method you prefer, I’ve got you covered.  With the full bundle I’ve put together, it is truly a mix of DIY and pre-made. When I say DIY, it’s like the easiest do-it-yourself ever!

Do you struggle to have the energy you need to do all God has called you to each day?   Check out the free PDF resource I put together with 3 steps to support daily detox for better energy that actually gets to the root of the issue when it comes to fatigue!

You can see that I like using both OnGuard and Abode blends. What’s the difference? Abode is a little stronger and is proven to kill the top 5 most common household bacteria and molds.  I also use it to spray down my washer after washing my weekly loads ( I do them all on one day) to prevent mold- especially spray the rubber ring!

That is another reason I like to use Abode laundry (2 per load)  and dishwasher pods ( 1 per load) because it helps prevent mold in the actual machines/any pipes/tubing/etc.  When you use these cleaners and products you are actually protecting sinks, dishwashers, and washing machines from growing mold.

85% of homes have mold issues, whether minor or widespread. Many people overlook areas prone to mold like toilet tanks, dishwashers, and drains.


Many use vinegar and bleach to clean shower grout but it doesn’t inhibit mold growth. Some of the best cleaners are peroxide and essential oils.  When tested, essential oils were superior for mold against bleach and vinegar. This is because not only do essential oils kill mold, they break down and destroy biofilms.  Biofilms are kind of like sticky sludge substances that mold spores can attach to and multiply like crazy.

When in a warm area mold spores produce mycotoxins which can make people very ill. Diffusing essential oils in an area after cleaning is helpful to kill any mold that has become airborne and it also drops it to the ground so it’s less likely to be inhaled.


I like this mold cleaner to use anywhere mold/mildew is present – think bathrooms/ wet or damp places. Also this one is great if you need a little grit (the baking soda provides that).


If it feels like natural cleaning products are too costly, start with OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate and maybe one other oil like Lemon and you can make almost all cleaning recipes with those 2 plus  a few cheap ingredients from the grocery store! You can edit the original bundle I put together and only purchase what fits your needs!

Here are a few extra laundry hacks I put together for you! 

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