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The average woman is exposed to 500 chemicals on her body daily without knowing.  That needs to change!

As consumers, we trust companies WAY too much. In cosmetics alone, there are other 10k chemicals alone. many other companies ban a lot of these chemicals because they haven’t been tested. but not the USA….

What area does this affect us in? Hormones! Which can truly make such a difference in many areas. metabolism, weight, reproduction, stress, etc.

In research, chemical exposure has been linked to cancer, diabetes, asthma, autism, anxiety, migraines, depression, obesity, insulin resistance.

Don’t just take my word for it. Learn on your own! Simply pull up Google and type in _____(ie diabetes) and chemical exposure.

The thing with chemicals is they accumulate in the body and build up over time. We are exposed to these on a daily basis, and so the build-up is the issue.

You can’t avoid them all, but we need to do our part as much as possible. Our bodies are screaming for help.

So let’s talk about what do you do…

1. You must first become aware- get the EWG app(  and see what is in your home and what it rates. Lower= better, higher=more toxic.

2. Start in the easiest place for you- then ditch and switch to a better product.

3. Repeat:)

doTERRA makes this transition so so easy and effective. It has become a non-negotiable in my home because I’m aware of the above. it’s a nonnegotiable in the budget, as well. No longer is it okay for me to take my families health for granted because ‘I’m trying to save a buck’.

Let me tell you, 1. it’s worth the extra cost 2. it doesn’t have to cost that much extra!

All of those products you are getting labeled ‘natural’ at CVS, Walmart, target, etc- there is something called green washing that has really taken over these last few years. slap a ‘natural’ label on a product and it will sell more. because the fact is people want products that aren’t filled w chemicals- but we trust what is on the shelf way too much. do your homework! get the EWG app and scan your products, that is eye-opening!

In your journey to wellness, you may have tunnel vision… which likely has you chasing your tail.   Check out this free video training to help you see the bigger picture,  gain clarity, and finally move forward in your health!

Areas to consider

Home fragrance: candles, plug-ins, sprays, burners

Kitchen: Clorox wipes, all-purpose spray, dishwashing liquid, dishwasher detergent, hand wash, oven cleaner etc. 

Bathroom: Sink (teeth- toothpaste, mouth rinse), Face (wash, treatments, moisturizer), Body ( deodorant, body lotion), Makeup

Laundry: Detergent, fabric softener, scent pellets, dryer sheets. 

My advice:Start in one area and work your way around the house over time. Use what you have if that’s the way you choose to go when you run out replace it with a better option.- this is a budget way to do it.
or just chunk them if your ready to get this thang going.

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