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1. Identify your problem

What is the issue at hand? Is it more of an acute issue that is in a specific area or  is it more of a chronic issue that affects your overall body? This will help determine your method of application.

2. Pick your method of application

Inhaling essential oils vs putting them on topically or even taking them internally have different effects on the body, yet they all serve to bring the body back to balance. So rest assured, no matter how you use them, they are working WITH your body. a few tips on which application method to use.


Benefits include shifting your mood & increased energy, increase in focus, respiratory support, or clear & clean the air.  Place 1 drop in your palms, rub them together and inhale from your hands, this is a powerful way to get a quick burst of aromatic benefit. Using a diffuser, which creates a fine mist in the air with the essential oil,  to obtain more of prolonged aromatic benefit is a great way to “set it and forget it”!


You can apply essential oils to the skin and they get right to work. Applying them with some carrier oil (like coconut or almond oil) will help them to absorb and disperse over a larger area. Once absorbed, they are able to get into the bloodstream and work at a cellular level. There are two approaches I love to use with applying essential oils topically- a targeted approach or a whole-body approach.

targeted approach- put it where it hurts or near the area you are wanting to support

whole-body approach– pulse points and the bottom of your feet are great areas to gain overall body support


An excellent way to use essential oils and is not only a safe method but is also recommended when using a completely pure product. Simply putting a couple drops of citrus oil such as lemon or wild orange in your water is so refreshing and is also working as a gentle detox for you. Placing 1-2 drops in a veggie capsule and swallowing is a nice way to get the benefits without the taste.

3. How much & how often

In general, essential oils are very well absorbed and used by your body fairly quickly. As a general rule of thumb, less oil used more often is better. You will often only need 1-2 drops at a time, if you are using a pure brand. If you are dealing with an acute issue, use more often throughout the day. For a more chronic issue, twice a day usage is typically a great place to start!


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The benefits

they are almost too numerous to count!


They have replaced so many of my OTC products, cleaning supplies and personal care items. Overall, they have helped me feel more confident in a preventative approach to my health and that of my family. Knowing that I am decreasing the toxic load in my home and that I have natural options when sickness, emotions or the dreaded “boo-boo” arises, it’s truly a gift.

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