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One of the gateways to get started in this lifestyle is to start in one area. Cleaning is often the easiest (and one of the most toxic) areas to start with!  You can dip that one toe in and get incredible results and start to work on other areas. This lifestyle is actually simple- and this is one of the ways that people start to realize this!

The EPA has told us that our inside air quality is more harmful than our outside air. It is safe to assume that they have gone relaxed with this statement at times. They say 5x more toxic, but it’s prob more like 100x toxic. YIKES!

When we talk about health in our body, our body does have a tipping point. It’s not about being perfect in every area it’s really about knowing what you can do and not letting things that we don’t really even think or care about detract from our health.  Like why should we be bringing those things in our home just to clean it?

So, where to start?

You can clean your home with as little as one cleaner, it honestly makes life SO. MUCH. EASIER! If you start with this one cleaner, you can then decide what others might be good to add next instead of feeling like you have to replace all of them at once.

What do I need on hand?

If you have these 5 things you can make this one magical cleaner to clean ALL THE THINGS!

  • 1) Glass bottle (or plastic in a pinch)
  • 2) White Vinegar (about 3-4 tbsp)
  • 3) Water
  • 4) Essential oils of choice. You will want a base of one of these: OnGuard or Tea Tree. Optional:  You will want other oils of choice for aroma: Lemon, Lime, Rosemary, Wild Orange.
  • 5) OPTIONAL: OnGuard Cleaner Concentrate OR Castille soap

Other main ingredients

The main ingredients you need to make almost anything!

Castile soap

Baking soda


Essential oils (must-haves: purify, tea tree, on guard and lemon) 


Containers you will need

16 oz spray bottles

4 oz spray bottles


Tips for the budget-conscious:

    • Try to replace two products with one. For instance, the conditioner or shampoo can be a replacement for shave gel. 
    • What can you just ditch all together- ahem…perfume:) 
    • Just be mindful of how much you use? Some more natural products you will not have to use as much of. Maybe they are more concentrated, you have to take that into consideration. 
    • Simplifying your personal care routine is something I’m a big fan of. For ease, time and $ sake. 

In your journey to wellness, you may have tunnel vision… which likely has you chasing your tail.   Check out this free video training to help you see the bigger picture,  gain clarity, and finally move forward in your health!

Final thoughts…

  • No need to replace them all at once, as you run out of a product, simply look to replace it with a less toxic option. As we’ve talked about here today, it’s not just one thing that will contribute to your toxic load- it’s many little things.
  • Take it month by month analyzing what is your top concern. 
  • Pick one new habit each month to add and keep it up over time, minimizes bad habits. 
  • Baby steps, don’t try to change all of your habits at once.
  • If you are looking for a more comprehensive guide with recipes, click here.

You’ve got this friend!  Your future self thanks you:)


PS: if you need help with any doTERRA products from above, you can email me or visit this page !


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