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When I’m in the bath, my kids know not to mess with me LOL! It’s my time for quiet and relaxation. I’m a firm believer that our world needs more baths 🙂 A detox bath adds a little something extra to your regular epsom salt baths. Check out the ingredients I love to add in when I’m under the weather or just need a little extra detox.




First, fill the tub with warm water- enough to make you sweat

Add about 1 cup of epsom salt – great way to get some magnesium that most all of us are deficient in

1/2 a cup of baking soda – helps the epsom salt stay dispersed in the water and get absorbed. 

1/4 cup Hydrogen peroxide – Aids in detoxification as well, plus it’s aseptic so it helps with infection. 

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar – lots of benefits for your body, aids in opening up your liver detox pathways

Add 5 drops of either zendocrine essential oil blend or  Juniper berry oil. Others we love are lavender, whisper, serenity and marjoram.

The perks of taking detox baths include aiding in detoxification of the different harmful chemicals we pick up through the day whether that be through food, lotions, or our environment. Dry brushing before getting into the bath will help with the detox process.

Check out  a  video my sister did on dry brushing!

Tag me in your pics as you make a little extra bath time! @karicoody

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