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Today marks the 6th year anniversary of the first time that delicious scent ever hit my senses. It’s been a ride in so many ways ever since then! I couldn’t have ever known what God had in store for me that day. It was the start of so many changes–like the lid had been lifted!

I invite you to come along with me this week as I take a walk down memory lane! Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing my story on how doTERRA impacted my health, our finances and how it gave me back my ability to dream

-It all started because of this little lady, my sweet Edy. She made me a mother and set off a need for…
More love
More knowledge
More choices
More safety

When I was pregnant, I was only focused on being pregnant haha! I just had no idea what was in store after that sweet baby arrived. No idea the amount of emotion, fierceness, and responsibility that would rise up in me. You mama’s know, right?? From the moment we brought her home, I wanted to do the best I could. She was depending on me.

I felt deep down that there was something out there that I needed but I didn’t know what it was. Like a sense that there was more, on many levels. I was happy, don’t get me wrong, but I wasn’t always thrilled with my choices. 

When exhaustion set in
When I had to leave her ALL THE TIME
When sickness arrived

I guess this is just how it is, I thought. So I started searching, not sure for what, but still I just had this feeling…

In comes a blog that I found online from someone I didn’t even know but had connected with through her blog because we were pregnant at the same time. She was just sharing her life online, to inspire others with her story. 3 years earlier she had healed herself from autoimmune issues via diet changes and was passionate about sharing it. I was drawn in right away. She too was looking for other options for prevention+ a healthy home and went to a class on Essential oils. Shortly after when she received the little package, of course, she shared that too. 

When I saw that post I knew nothing about essential oils, but I had that feeling. That feeling of what do I have to lose??? I was actually just getting over a stomach virus and really scared Edy was going to get sick as well. I was stressed and burnt out. I was basically desperate for a change of some sort. 

I called her up and said sign me up:) 3 days later I opened my box of shiny new oils and peered inside. I had no idea how to use them, no class to go to, BUT she added me to this awesome Facebook group for members. Low and behold—there was this community of like-minded women THAT I NEVER KNEW EXISTED. 
Mind blown. 
Life changed. 

I dove in head first and never looked back. You see, the info and tools were always out there, just waiting for me. Make no mistake- there is never a shortage of resources. This was the missing piece and I’m SO thankful I followed my intuition and searched until I found it. That I didn’t take what was given to me as the only way. That I wanted more choices than what was in front of me.

I used them for anything and everything that came up. Others would take notice, I was already the one that was different when it came to food choices and such. I became Dr. Quinn medicine woman.. plus a plethora of other names! Did i care? Did it detour me? nah- no matter if anyone else wanted to come along, I knew I would use these products forever. BUT something amazing happened…they DID want to!

Hey what are you using over there? Lemon in water, peppermint on temples, Digestzen on your belly…yep- want to try some? And it all began. Just like that. No business plan. NO IDEA WHAT I WAS DOING! Let me say that again- no idea what I was doing haha! It was truly just all in hopes that I could help someone in the way that I had been helped. To give them that missing piece.

I am at my core an introvert. So I was fine sharing person to person, but teaching a class no thanks! Boy did God have other plans. Sometimes I can be a little hard headed, so to get my attention he kept me up for 4 nights straight. And when God wants to get your attention, ain’t no sleep oil helping with that- believe me, I tried them all!

I finally conceded to the fact that my nightmare thoughts of standing in front of people and speaking were going to have to come true. Because when God says its show time… not a single person can say cut. I knew deep down this was the start of something super scary but equally as exciting. That was the first crack in the shell that I had built around me. The first bit of light shone through to the real me. And it felt good…. real good

My first class was a train wreck. Oh well, this isn’t for me I thought. HA! How nieve I was. Like God was going to let this one slide… not a chance. 6 months go by -still sharing and helping folks one on one- and I work up the nerve to schedule my next class. It went better, okay I can do this.

I went to an event where I learned more about the business and thought why would I not do this?! Am I an idiot? Basically, I’m already using them non stop and why exactly would I not want to earn money while helping others do what I did? Okay, I’ll teach more classes, because everyone needs to know about these!!! And so I did- hundreds more in fact.

This is is a picture of Edy visiting me at work one day. Boy did I ever miss seeing her more in the mornings and picking her up early in the afternoons. I never desired to be a stay at home mom, but I did desire to have a choice of spending more time with her. The worst was when I had to leave her when she was sick!

For the first 3 years, I worked full time at the pharmacy and taught classes, followed up with folks, answered questions, invited and shared all on my lunch break or at night. Lunch break was the place to get ‘er done! Rarely did I do anything else at lunch. It’s amazing how much you can get done if you are passionate, focused and driven. More on that soon..

When I began my pharmacy career I never in a million years dreamed that I’d ever do anything else. I mean when you pay 130k for a degree your stuck with it, right?

 I’m living proof that doesn’t have to be the case. Over the next year and a half, we paid off all of that debt using my doTERRA earnings plus regular pay. We didn’t do much of anything extra, we had a goal and we stuck to it! Paying that last payment was an incredible feeling! It really made me realize, if you are willing to do what most others are not you can truly change your life in so many ways!

It was finally the time to make the move and leave my full-time job. It was such a mix of emotions. So super excited, yet scared to step out and do something new. Leaving the comfort of the 9-5 was real for me. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

Saying goodbye to this storage room that I retreated to at lunch break to move my biz forward- it was my normal. What would be my new normal??

 Life after the 9-5.

more choices
more snuggles
more growth

To go from working for someone else to working for yourself is NOT an easy transition. My new normal was awesome in so many ways, yet challenging as well. More time was so needed, but it’s what you do with that time that makes all the difference. I had to learn through many mistakes how to manage my time – keeping focus on passion and dreams would be the best guide for that.

The release that came from the escape of “the grind” allowed me room to be more of me. To just breathe. I forgot how important that was. That is one thing that we can do no matter what the current situation is. We can always find time to take a moment for ourselves, if we make the priority that it should be.

That year my business went to new heights. My mind was set on the reasons why I would succeed vs all the reasons I would not. That changed everything for me and continues to today. My once small paycheck in the mail became much more than I ever imagined. It increased 300% in that one year alone. Not gonna find that at your 9-5 I wouldn’t think:)

Most importantly I was learning how to lead myself. Ownership was a word I was becoming very familiar with. Everything else trickles down from there. Remember : YOU always decide

The last 6 years have been nothing short of a whole mix of emotions + feelings: excited, fearful, tired, amazed, uncomfortable, but mostly humbled. It’s been a ride that’s for sure! I was hard after pursuing a dream that wasn’t fully realized until I caught glimpse of what God was knitting together and decided to choose in. We all have dreams that are buried deep inside and opportunities abound that God is trying to offer us. We ALL have gifts to use that He has given us. The thing is, most of the time we are too busy and they are overlooked. Or we think that we couldn’t possibly do “that thing.”

That must be for the lucky people.

I want you to know that there is no “luck” involved. Only people that choose in and say yes to the little things (obedience) and then are blessed with the bigger opportunities as a result.

My life continues to be immensely blessed by that one decision made 6 years ago. The wholeness that has been given to my family and I physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially is hard to convey. Sometimes it doesn’t feel real and I’ve often wondered, why me. But then God whispers, why NOT you??

Accept the invitation to what your “gut” aka God is telling you. If something keeps coming up for you- don’t ignore it. Use your gifts to bring a message to the world that only you can bring. And if you are wondering where you start- just take that next step and watch what happens! I’d love to invite you to come along with me, there is always room at the table

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