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This system is a multi-faceted approach to help your body deal with everyday stressors and overwhelm. It is comprised of 3 parts: aromatic, topical, internal. Below, Kari breaks those down and how all of the components work wonderfully together.


Adaptive Essential Oil blend

This is the most beautiful blend!  It works super quick through the limbic system and combines floral, tee, and herb essential oils.

Ingredients and properties – learn more on each in the video!

Lavender- linalool, calming
magnolia – most linalool, calming
neroli- linalol, linalyl acetate, limonene
copaiba– beta-carophyllene, addictive habits
spearmint– carvone, uplifting
rosemary– alpha-pinene, reducing stress
sweetgum– liquidambar, calming, pain support, infections considerations
wild orange– limonene, uplifting

Uses: Diffuse or apply topically throughout the day for stress, anxious feelings, addictions, pain, grief, skin

Adaptive capsules

This supplement is used internally and has medicinal properties. When taken internally we can expect 99% bioavailability!
This is so great to use for anxious feelings – hypersensitivity to even mild threats. addictions, trauma, grief, anxiety, stress, overwhelm — it can also help for sleep as well.

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Essential oils in this supplement

lavender: internally works on the same receptor that many pharmaceuticals
coriander & fennel: healing the gut
wild orange: internally known to be an anxiolytic- very calming

Herbal components

GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid ) 100mg

GABA is a neurotransmitter that binds to the GABA receptors (limbic system-collection of structures in the brain). This determines how we react, perceive stress and trauma.  It acts as the break of the brain. It promotes calm feelings and relaxation.  It can enhance restful sleep!

Ahiflower (170mg)
-increases focus and cognitive function
-rich in stearidonic acid- omega 3. brain is 80% fat. We must have fat for neuronal transmission.
-may enter bloodstream more readily than even omega 3’s from fish oil

Scletium Tortuosum (15mg)
-regulates serotonin, very clear focus
-works on serotonin receptors “happy neurotransmitters”
-this herb works on those serotonin receptors and helps to keep the serotonin in the receptor- where you want it:)
-this herb is actually a mood uplifter. It’s going to be helping with depressed mood, anxious feelings, threat response, sleep, pain,
-doses in studies- 30-60mg. so this pill only has 15mg, that is why you can take more than 1 of these a day- see dosing info at the bottom.

Dosage recommendations:
1 pill contains low dosing of all ingredients
1-2 pills twice a day (max of 4-5 a day)

Adjunctive supplements/oils:

1 copaiba softgel twice a day
2 serenity soft gels at night.

This system is amazing for situational stress, chronic stress, addiction support, trauma support, grief support, anxious feelings,  and depressive feelings!

If you do not have a doTERRA wholesale account and are not currently working with another wellness advocate, we would love to help you. You can get that info here!

* make sure you talk to your doctor before starting





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