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The NEW Healthcare 

The Why

A mission that the Lord planted deep into my soul many years ago. One that so many others have been on as well. A change that seems so needed, yet so much bigger- almost insurmountable. 

But change happens person to person and it always starts with us. This is the heart behind sharing about this with others, simply challenging them to think in a different way. The results? That’s left up to the Lord. I”m just challenging you to do your part, as the Lord calls you! Watch recording to learn more! 

The How

Resources + real conversations

There are many resources out there, but sometimes not all in one place. I felt nudged to gather some of the resources I’ve made over the years and put them all in one place with options to learn more in various areas that will move the needle in this new healthcare initiative.

I’ve made all of this free by using an app called Shout. It’s where I can give options to learn more without it being so overwhelming. Also, a great place to have real, uncensored conversations via a group chat. 

Equipping women to be their best and have joy in their daily mission field. {Psalm 16:11)

Shout FAQ:

  • You can use shout via a browser, but it’s easier to use it via the app. To get the Shout app, search for that in the App store/wherever you download apps.
  • Once you click the link and sign up for your free account, you will be sent a few messages and then added to the group chat. This is where you can ask questions to me/the group:)