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Hi friends! I’ve compiled previous emails I’ve sent out and research that I’ve done for you in one place. This way you can share it with others and come back to reference things as well for yourself. I will continue to add to it in the coming weeks and months. This is a confusing time, having the knowledge is key to making a decision that’s best for you. I hope what you find below will help. Seek the Lord’s wisdom above all!

General Protection: aka how to not be a good host

 This is definitely a lifestyle change and it’s just a different way to live, BUT little by little if you take small steps forward, you will find the way that’s best for you and feel much better in the process! 
Big pillars of this are: detox, stress, inflammation. 

1.   Inflammation:

Let’s start here, after all, it is the major player as we saw in the info shared as far as severity if you do become infected. Acute inflammation is activated for protection from outside invaders and is part of our normal processes but it’s the chronic inflammation that we are talking about here. 
The chronic inflammation is when that switch isn’t turned off and your body is still being activated and essentially is attacking itself.  It breaks down cells, arteries and organs if left unchecked. You don’t want an immune system that is running 24-7, it gets burnt out. When this is already high and you come become infected with COVID, your already turned on immune system kicks into over drive and that is when serious complications can occur.  It’s kind like when all the lights are blinking and system overload flashes up.
What can we do to decrease inflammation: the first line of defense is a diet that is filled with whole foods, not processed foods. When we process a food and add fake ingredients our body doesn’t recognize it and this inflammatory pathway is triggered. 
Using pure Frankincense essential oil is a huge help to your body in decreasing inflammation and it also helps to rebuild and protect cells from damage.  Turmeric Duocaps, Copaiba, DDR Prime and Melissa oil are all excellent as well and are part of my daily regimen. As is Lifelong Vitality pack which will help with all 3 of the ‘ big pillars’.
Your environment (personal care products, air fresheners, cleaners etc) can cause inflammation levels to remain high as well. Check out a helpful blog post on that here. 

2. Detoxification:

When our detox pathways are compromised, meaning they aren’t fully open or well functioning, a host of health problems can occur. Optimally, our detox system would get rid of these excess things causing inflammation (chemicals, toxins, etc) but our typical American lifestyle doesn’t do it any favors.
The body eliminates toxins through the kidneys, intestines, lymphatic system, and skin. When these pathways are compromised/aren’t properly utilized, things back up and that increases inflammation + decreases immunity. 
Ways to support: Stimulate the lymphatic system, give your liver some love, decrease the amount needing to be detoxed. Dry brushing, rebounding, any type of movement (walking is great),  deep breathing, even laughing (which helps with so many other things!) Also, show your liver some love: Zencodrine oil blend, caster oil packs, cruciferous veggies, sauna, and water with lemon are a few ways. 

3. Stress.

Stress is like liquid inflammation to your body. It activates fight or flight and your body is triggered for survival, not for thriving. When in this state, your body prioritizes systems that help it survive and down regulates others such as digestion, healing of any kind, detox, hormone production, etc. I like to use Adaptiv capsules , copaiba and Frankincense daily for stress management, as well as diffusing essential oils throughout the day and applying Adaptiv oil to my pulse points also. 

If you do come down with something

What do you do?! Not panic… remember what I said about stress?In the moment when you want to go to that place of fear, we have to remember that our body was made to heal. WE just have to help support it in doing that.  That is exactly why I do what I do and spend so much of my focus and time on helping people get and know how to use the tools that they need. Some tools are free (hello sunlight, movement and rest) and others are paid- but none the less, we HAVE to have the tools and know how to use them.
Don’t make it overcomplicated, it really is simple to invest in your health. And above all remember: “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33 


On to top of the General protocol, this is how I would take that to the next level.

  1. Pray. Stay in the word, turn off the news. Remember who our ultimate healer is and trust.  If you believe that you can and will heal- that in its self might be the most powerful thing you can do.
  2. No sugar, gluten, and limit grains (like corn which is inflammatory).  This will lower your immune system because these foods are ones a ton of people are sensitive to and some are hard to digest (takes up energy and takes it away from other key processes in healing).  Add some healing foods in such as bone broth, fermented foods, etc.  Get plenty of veggies!
  3. Take a couple detox baths a day followed by symphony of cells infectious disease or respiratory protocol.  If you aren’t familiar with that but are in our oil community check out this explanation. The infectious disease protocol, it’s such a game changer anytime I am under the weather- this is kind of like the secret weapon.
  4. Prioritize rest. At night, during the day, etc. Your body can NOT heal when it is in stress mode. It’s extremely important that you take this to heart.
  5. Take more whole food vitamin C  & cod liver oil and prioritize being out in the sun to get Vitamin D.
  6. Use more powerful immune-boosting oils in a veggie cap 3 times daily. Example: DDR prime, Melissa, Thyme, Oregano- 2 drops each. Topically: Arborvitae, Eucalyptus, and Rose.
  7. Above that, use oils symptomatically. ie: headache( peppermint, past tense or Frankincense), fever (DDR prime, peppermint, lime), sore throat (gargle with onguard and or oregano, use lavender topically), cough/congestion (breathe or eucalyptus topically. for congestion add some ginger in), etc.

Other notes: if you can still add in a little movement, a short walk (preferably outside), gentle yoga or stretching, etc

If you want to have extra protection:

Right away when you feel ill or have tested positive, go to With FrontLine MDs you pay $189 to have a consultation with a doctor over the phone. They call in 8 prescriptions including a nebulizer.


If you need help with any supplements or essential oils just email me at!

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