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Believer. Pharmacist. Integrative Health. Mom.

No sugarcoating + keep asking why.

I’m here as someone who has seen health decline greatly from “behind the counter” as a pharmacist and I want to be part of the change for good.

And just like you, I’ve felt pretty burnt out and desperate at times. My story is meant to inspire you to keep digging for answers.

I don’t believe in bandaids for our health and I don’t believe in “just getting by”. I know the Lord has much work He has called us to do– it’s time to throw off what hinders and do that work with JOY!

Just like you, I have a version of how things will go in my mind #planner, and this didn’t go that way.

It was January 2010 and we were ready to start a family. I had been on birth control for years and stopped taking it, expecting to conceive the next month. It didn’t happen the next month, nor the few months following…. I was super frustrated and began digging for answers.

Not only did this send me down a different path, but it also strengthened my faith greatly, which I’m forever grateful for!

In the digging, I realized that it really did matter what I was putting on and in my body. Through time and some changes, I ended up conceiving naturally and had a beautiful baby girl in 2012.

However, I felt fearful and at times lost as a mom in those first few months. Feeling like I didn’t have the tools I wanted and needed. Fearful of what would happen if she got sick.

When she was 9 months old I was introduced to essential oils and realized THIS was the tool I had been looking for all along. It was love at first drop. So versatile, completely free of chemicals and they actually worked!

Others around me wanted to know more and that starts the next chapter in my story…

I couldn’t shake what I had discovered

In the summer of 2013:

I begin teaching classes on how to use essential oils for many health issues and around the home.

One day about a year later at the pharmacy I was verifying a patient’s prescriptions. It was taking a while so I decided to go back and look to see how many they had. THIRTY! Thirty prescriptions for one person.

It was a wake-up call for me.

What am I doing with my time, knowledge, and energy?

I was spending so much of my time at the pharmacy, missing out on time with my kids was my reality daily. Stress was taking a toll on my own health and the question of  “was I serving patients to the best of my ability?” kept resounding in my head.

From that day on I decided to pour my energy into working toward being part of the change I wanted to see. Although I still needed to work at the pharmacy, I would be focused on helping others holistically with their health challenges any chance I got.

In a few short years, I paid off my student loans and replaced most of my income (more on that here). My dream of solely focusing on this passion had been realized.

As I continued to learn, I realized there were levels of addressing health challenges.  I experienced this personally and professionally.

As I kept asking ‘why’, it became really apparent.

After helping hundreds of people with natural options for their health, I realized it’s one thing to help manage a symptom and it’s quite another to actually get to the root of it.

While using natural options will most always be better than something synthetic, you are still simply managing symptoms. And sometimes that is needed, but it should always be done along side addressing the real root of it.

This became apparent in my own health issues. I found myself chasing symptoms, and while they would get a little better, they never went away fully.

I kept asking why and finally got to the upstream issue that was causing downstream effects. Even though healing didn’t happen overnight, I know I am on the right path!

I want that for everyone.

So I set off on another mission, to learn everything I could about how to look at health issues from every angle.

To learn how the body works, what gets it off balance and thus causes the issues that we experience as symptoms.

The decision I made in July 2019 to further my education and knowledge changed how I approach healing for myself and for clients. 

Pulling together all the knowledge I have from pharmacy, natural medicine, and now a root cause approach I’ve got a formula that serves clients in the best way possible.

A Little More About My Story

Education timeline

Now it’s my mission to equip women to be their best and have joy in their daily mission field.

It’s my vision to aid women in throwing off what hinders, so they can run the race set before them with joy and perseverance.

I do this through guides, group programs, and one on one private guidance. I take a case study approach, leaving no stone unturned. 

Are you ready to quit chasing symptoms with more and more supplements?

To finally get to the root of your issues and watch the symptoms dissipate that have been plaguing you for so long? 

Quit merely surviving day in and day out.

 Don’t  ‘just deal with it’ any longer.

The time is NOW!


Values That Guide Me

Jesus first

Obedience. He comes first no matter what! No looking around at others and trying to keep up. 

Joy is the goal

“ So that they will know”-multiply the change in others. Every day, show up with joy! Keep pointing back to Him.

Just one degree

Presence in the moment. Celebrating the small changes and wins! Small changes are lasting.

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