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The Wellness Principles Guide

Your Foundational First Steps + Maintenance Plan 

Mindset, nutrition, and habits- these are principles that serve us in all aspects of life. In this guide, we walk you step by step through these 3 principles and share simple & effective information we find ourselves repeating over and over in 1:1 client calls.

Focusing on the principles keeps it simple, straightforward, and supportive of our bodies. So therefore we are more resilient to stress, our hormones come back into balance, gut health improves, and our metabolism fires up.

In this guide you will receive:

  • 20-page PDF resource guide
  • 6 concise videos that walk you through the guide
  • links, extra resources  & simple steps to take action
  • access to a group chat to ask questions for ongoing support
  • access to be able to track metrics and food intake.

“Let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us” Hebrews 12:1


How is this different from other courses and guides out there?

Most courses spend the majority of the time on education and maybe a little on the ‘how to’, this guide is primarily focused on how to implement changes that will move the needle in your health and life. Also, there are video’s and a PDF eBook plus access to a group chat to be able to ask questions- that is HUGE!

How long should be focusing on the principles before I can expect to see some changes?

This is a tough one, simply because everyone is so individual. However, typically 2-3 months should yield results, even if they are subtle. 

What if after this Guide I do want to work one and one?

Amanda and I both offer various ways to work with us 1:1. If you have put in place the principles in this guide and still find yourself struggling or simply want a deeper look into your health, 1:1 services are available!