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Your Health Foundation

A simple, yet highly effective method to creating structure in your approach to health that decreases overwhelm, promotes consistency, and allows you to thrive: in mind, body, and soul.

Do you feel overwhelmed with what to focus on when it comes to your health?

Information overload is REAL! I know you work hard at everything you do and you have little time, but want to move your health forward. You want to steward your time, energy, focus, and finances well. I understand you, I AM you! Faith, family, and work are your top priorities and you want to be able to show up the best you can in those areas. I want to help you do just that. To truly steward what He has entrusted us with the best we can!

When we continue to be overwhelmed with all the options out there, it’s hard to know where to start to see real results. And if you know anything about me, you know that I am 100% against any type of quick fix.

 What you will find in this program are principles that will stand the test of time. They will continue to serve you and are able to be built upon as you look to refine in various areas.

Learning more about the stresses that compromise our health foundation is the first step- calling out the things that are having the biggest impact.  That is exactly what you will learn in this program, as the stress module is the most comprehensive.

I’m excited to introduce you to

This go at your own pace program is a combination of a course made up of short videos and a workbook to help you implement what you learn.  This program will truly help you to focus on building your foundation, the things that really move the needle. Learning what stressors do to our body and how they throw them off balance, and then of course rebalancing to achieve the health you’ve been looking for. This program contains principles that will keep on serving for years and years to come.

Between information overload and our thoughts working against us, it’s hard to know where to focus.

Lots of times we only focus on the physical ( body) aspects of our foundation, but there are two other areas that are equally important- mind and spirit. In Your Health Foundation Program, we will dive into how what we believe ( our spiritl) affects our thoughts (mind) – the way we speak to ourselves- and ultimately impacts our physical health. This is truly life changing and is often the reason “you’ve tried everything “ and still can’t seem to gain the true health you desire.

At times, outward appearances can be deceiving.

We want our health foundation to be strong not just from the outside, but sturdy throughout. And when tested it holds us up and is easily restored.

But looks can be deceiving and we have holes in our foundation.  And when tested, it crumbles under pressure.

This is exactly what I will teach you in this program. What to focus on to really ‘move the needle’ and build your health foundation. In the most efficient way possible, because that’s the only way I know how?

Learn what will compromise your health foundation and in turn, what we will do to strengthen it + build upon that solid foundation.


Learn solid principles in the areas of diet and exercise that will help to build a strong foundation. Discover how to use supplements in the long and short term to help fill in the holes of your structure. 


Stress is unbelievably key when it comes to our health foundation and is often very overlooked. It is truly the “silent stealer” in so many ways and will compromise your foundation. 


Discover what happens when toxins build up in your body and how they severely compromise your foundation, leading to disease and a host of other symptoms. 

So often we are guided in many directions and our consistency suffers.

So many approaches are well-meaning, but very few are actually foundational to your health. I call it “the fluff”. It’s kind of like building a house, you would never think to begin adding the windows in until you built the foundation and wall structure first.

When we get ahead of ourselves, it’s hard to be consistent because we’ve made it too complicated. Simplifying your focus on a foundational approach is key to staying consistent. You ready to do just that?

The low down:

-Your Health Foundation Program is comprised of a course + a workbook.

-The course includes 3 main modules on foundational principles, stress, and detoxification.

-Videos and resources are broken up into bite-sized (20 min or less) impactful teachings.

-A digital workbook with guidance in taking action. *option to purchase a hardcopy of the workbook at checkout

-Access to me via text and email.

A one-time fee of $47 gives you lifetime access.

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