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Every Single Year, my husband would get violently ill with a severe cough, fever, and overall general achey feeling. For the past two years, he has NOT had this problem. A couple weeks ago, he seemed like he was heading in that direction again, but a consistent dose of oils and a good night’s sleep and he was feeling so much better. Anytime he would get sick, he was down for a week. Now, two days is more like it. And usually he’s just feeling a little crummy, not completely down and out. Not to mention cutting my daughter’s sick doctor visits from 11 one year to 2 the next, to ZERO this past year (I took her in once, but it was just allergies). And then there is my cutting back from 2 different seasonal discomfort meds to not needing either one because of Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint. I could honestly go on all day! Love my oils


My husband has suffered from seasonal symptoms and has endured ten years of allergy shots. The first spring of using lavender, lemon and peppermint was the best in years for him! That singular experience sold us on essential oils!


I have suffered adult acne for years. I have spent $$$ at dermatologist offices getting peels and painful “acne surgery”. Ugh it had no lasting effect.  2weeks ago I watched Kari’s video on facial oil cleansing I nervously decided to give it a try. Recipe: combine 1 drop melaleuca and 1 drop of lavender to a large peas size coconut oil. At bedtime, I Apply generously on my face, neck and behind my ears then I lightly blot off excess with a warm cloth. I intentionally leave a light coating while I sleep. The results are amazing. My face is BLEMISH FREE and rosacea free. It’s crazy because I have always had a red face and it’s GONE! Also, my eye puffiness has diminished.


dōTERRA changed my life! I’ve always had digestive issues, for as long as I can remember. Since I started taking LLV and Digestzen, that is no longer an issue for me. But the crazy thing is that isn’t even why I started using dōTERRA in the first place. I started using it for sleep issues and anxiety. I was taking a few medications to combat these disorders but haven’t taken a Rx since, I only use oils now and feel even better. I also found substantial and complete relief from sinus discomfort. Multiple sinus infections every year were so annoying and costly, I haven’t purchased sinus medications in years. Unbelievable! Why wouldn’t anyone want this experience and this cost snd time saver?  Telling people about these products have also provided a source of income. So it saves me money, eliminates time missed from work, is the healthiest way to take charge of mine and my family’s health, and I make money to pay for my oils and supplements….I love doTERRA and I am thankful for the guidance and leadership that Kari provides in my business and personal wellness journey.