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Natures medicine

Essential oils are gifts of the earth from God. What an amazing tool for us to use as we pursue health the way He intended! As a pharmacist, I choose natures medicine to truly help our bodies heal. 

Essential oils: the tool you’ve been missing

Back in 2012, our family grew +1 beautiful daughter and that set off a real need within me to find another way. To clean our home, to be more preventative in our health and to have solutions for things that came up on the daily. Emotions, bug bites, congestion, hangnails, cuts and scrapes, you name it!

In came essential oils and the game was changed, forever. The light was flipped on. This was THE tool that was missing. Since then, they have completely changed our lives in many ways, not only physically, but financially too. 

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“I am not sure essential oils will work for me. I heard someone say they tried them once and nothing happened? I was just going to go to walmart and get some, I wonder if doTERRA is really any different? I’m kinda nervous, my friend said she heard that it was a pyramid scheme…”

Does any of this sound familiar? Let’s dive in a little deeper below, as I know these are valid concerns – because I had some of them myself!

Do essential oils work?

What if you’ve tried them before (lavender for sleep or peppermint for a headache) and nothing much happened. Are you the exception? My first question would be where did you get it from and how did you use it? What if the store that you bought it from was actually just selling scented water. How would you know? Your results could be drastically different if you were using THE pure plant stuff. More on that below. But first, I want to share some testimonies with you? Click Here

Did you know that doTERRA is the largest essential oil company in all the land?

Does that mean it’s like Verizon and monopolizes the area?? Quite the opposite actually. This industry is not regulated by the FDA, so anyone can claim anything. doTERRA is not only the largest but it’s also the most trusted essential oil company, why? 2 words: sourcing + testing. Sourcing: The source to you website does a beautiful job showing sustainability + transparency- something you won’t find ANYWHERE else. Testing: 54 different tests, some in house, some 3rd party=no stone left unturned.  In a nutshell- you the consumer must do your own research. When you do, you will see–there is no comparison! More info about this can be found further down this page!

Do you like to get buy something your friend has already used and loved?

I do! Do you like to have someone to help you once you bring something home- kinda like a personal “geek squad” to help you? I do! It’s the actual worst to get home and pay good money for something and not know how to use it. This is why doTERRA chose a network marketing model to put the product into people’s hands. When you hear those words, does it feel slimy? Yea, I must agree I used to feel like that. I’ve been sold to a good bit and when it’s insincere it doesn’t feel good.  I also got sucked into a business presentation for like 2 hours one time- no bueno! It’s interesting to note that of the almost 9 million customers, 90% only purchase the product. That sure changes things…in a nutshell- you must lead yourself before you can lead someone else.

Bottom line, just try it for yourself?

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“I believe in and am thankful for modern medicine, but quickly realized it was a very broken system. Setup to serve 20% of our needs, while we took care of the other 80% through the way we invest in ourselves & health. But that model has actually been flipped. My mission is to flip it back! “

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My expertise:

For the past 9 years, I’ve helped others learn how to take care of & invest in themselves through simple self-care practices. 

Who I work with:

Those that are truly ready to make a shift. The willing AND the able. Anyone can benefit from taking small upgrades in their health and life, but there has to be the want!


who want a different way for their family

Health professionals

who are burnt out and want to serve others in a higher way



who’ve forgotten how to take care of and invest in themselves

Is that you?

With so many essential oils on the market,

What makes doTERRA different?

As a healthcare professional,

I am very much interested in purity and efficacy. I personally do not want to use an inferior product that will not produce results and could even possibly be harmful. That is exactly why the above information matters. For my family, for my clients, and for myself.  doTERRA has the highest standards and integrity that I can trust to use myself and for my clients.

If you, too, are a healthcare professional, I put together a resource just for you. Click on the image and you will be taken to a special eBook with resources, testimonials from other healthcare professionals, and more!

Check out a recent workshop where I talk candidly about the essential oil industry, extremism in the context of essential oils, and why quality, intention + usage matter!